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Principale Level Designer

Principale Level Designer at WB games I Lead the creation of part of the game (Side Content) of 15h of gameplay.

In close collaboration with the game designer in charge of the META of games, I had to define the vision / phylosofy of the “part”, to prototype the experience of playing without compromising the logic of the main game.

Within a team (LD, ART, Tech LD) I had to set up a production pipe, defining technical needs, defining metrics, planning and managing Jira tasks (task, dashboard, etc.) . (blocking, scripting, management, revision, etc.)


    • Creation of the hight level design of the “part”
    • Creation of 15 hours of content (Paper Design, Layout, scripting)
    • Implementation and updating of documentation, planning, Jira task, budget.
    • Management planning, review, 1 and 1.


    • Design / scripting / debug / polish / Documentation.
    • Level Review.
    • Sync with all teams.
    • Followed blockers.
    • Update budget, planning and jira.


  • warner bros game MTL.
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  • -Unannounced -
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • -Unannounced -
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