level designer

A detailed Paper map

  • A 2d and/or 3d map (e.g Google Sketchup).
  • Npcs encounters and patrols.
  • Gameplay vignettes (if any) descriptions. A gameplay “vignette” is a moment in
    the map when the players have to play through a scripted situation set up by the
    LD (Puzzles, themed sandbox, ambush, chase, escape from a building in fire,
    platform gameplay etc etc…)
  • Sub-locations descriptions
  • Narration and objectives:
    o High level description of the level narrative
    o Step by step objectives and tasks
  •  All the information you feel necessary to present your mission.



  • The mission should be a typical Dishonored mission.
  • Introduce one of Dishonored features/mechanics as if it was new to the player
    (tutorial setting)
  • It should have at least one loading.
  • 3/4 days
  • Stept. 2013
  • FirstPlayer / Stealth / Action / Aventure