level designer

During a test for Cyanide studio I had to make a level of 30/40mn.

  • 2 Weeks
  • Stept. 2010
  • Stealth / RPG
  • UDK


The guideline for this test is Verticality in the Middle Ages.

The selection criteria will be as follows:

        • Blocking: the way you structured and raised the level.
        • Navigation flow: Readability and rhythm of the action.
        • Architectural consistency: Possibility of providing an explanatory document with a plan and
          reference images to define the different parts of your level.
        • Kismet script: Events or Interactions present in the level.
        • Mission: Explanatory document of the mission and the objective.


NB: The visual rendering is not evaluated, you can deliver your level not textured or with
color shaders.