level designer

 A Playable map

  • Imposed theme: The player will have to infiltrate/fight his way through a location
    to eliminate/abduct one or several target Npcs
  • It should be different from the paper map and may not be related to Dishonored
  • There are no size constraint: it can be fairly small
  • It shouldn’t be a multiplayer map
  • First person is better
  • Visual aesthetic is not key to the test
  • Should show smart usage of scripting and be creative
  • If necessary, the LD could provide a short quick start document to explain the
    context and the main objectives.
  • The LD should provide a step by step guide to install and start his level
  • 9/10 days
  • Stept. 2013
  • FirstPlayer / Stealth / Action / Aventure
  • UDK


walkthrough v1

walkthrough v2